L & A Series Spares

Listed below are just a small selection of the parts we are able to offer for the L & A series tools.

If you do not see the particular part that you require, or if you require further information please contact us at gasonics.spares@eupt.co.uk

L3510 – L3500 – L3300

Part Number      Description      
73143-02 EMI shielding strip
22-0324 AP Tech Valve
73333-05 Door Cylinder
61-0022 Power Supply PS3
60-1016 Filament Transformer
73797-06 Magnetron
C12254 Plate Transformer
73019-01 Atmosphere Switch
93-2657 Lamp HG Ozone
17688-01 GDP Quartz
97-4038 Screen Retrofit Kit
16784-01 Spool Quartz
94-3101 Vac Valve Rebuild Kit


Part Number      Description      
06-0142 Shower Head Middle Qtz
A06-010-01 Plasma Tube Quartz
60-2011 Magnetron
60-1016 Filament Transformer
97-4038 Screen Retrofit Kit
06-2447 Pin
73780-01 Power Supply PS1
73657-08 Fuse
73849-01 Door Cylinder
73848-01 Switch Hall Effect
73325-02 Halogen Lamp
22-0145 Vac Valve


Part Number      Description      
A06-010-01 Plasma Tube Quartz
A57-006-01 Cylinder Double Action
A57-008-01 Cylinder 12in Stroke
A17-015-01 Shock Absorber (Door)
A17-028-01 Shock Absorber (Arms)
A95-045-01 Magnetron
A54-001-01 Display Panel
A06-005-01 Shower Head Quartz
22-0201-02 Throttle Valve
A22-025-01 Vac Valve
A39-001-01 Lamp 1000W 120VAC
A39-006-01 Lamp 1000W 225VAC