Spare Parts

We can supply most spare parts for the GaSonics tool set; with many being OEM parts.

Please contact us with your spare part requirements to see if we can help reduce your expenditure on spares.

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GaSonics spares


Click on the system type for spares listings:

    (3510,3010,Iridia etc)

  (L3510, A3010, A2000LL, A1000 etc)

   (Yaskawa, Kensington, Z-bot)

MW Generators Repairs  –  Contact us for details

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GaSonics plug & play screen kit, GaSonics L3510, GaSonics PEP 3510, GaSonics CE marking, GaSonics audits, GaSonics installation, GaSonics relocation, PEP IRIDIA, PEP 3010, A3010, A1000, A2000LL, AE2000LL, AE2001, VHP, Aura, GAE UK & Europe, z-bot robot, Hine robot, Hine HAtm-5.0 robot, Hine HAtm-5.0 robot on refurbished L3510; direct replacement for Z-bot I & II

94-1105 End Effector, bespoke end effectors,  process specific end effectors, 94-3110 Z-bot II z-axis home flag pcb, 15158-01 gasonics membrane keypads, L3510/A3010, L3510/PEP chamber pins, 94-1105 End Effector, 94-1127 X-Axis Motor, 94-1127 Z-Axis Motor (different companies call them X or Z), 94-1128 Theta Axis Motor, 73797-06 Magnetron, z-bot vac board repair

MW generator repair, lamp controller repair, GaSonics RF generator repairs, L3510 A3010 I/O board repairs, GaSonics robot refurbishment program, PEP mini-controller repairs