Robot Spares

Listed below are just a small selection of the parts we are able to offer for the Yaskawa, Kensington and Brooks Z-bot Robots.

If you do not see the particular part that you require, or if you require further information please contact us at


Part Number      Description      
94-3108 Teach Pendant w/cable
94-3109 End Effector (1 piece)
94-3074 Robot and controller
61-2350 DC Power Supply
73-2317 Standard Position Jig
15-2714 R-axis Belt
20-1290 Filter Element
94-3110 Controller
57-2043 B-axis Motor
94-3151 Ball Screw
22-2786 Solenoid Valve
94-3136 CPU Board

Z-bot I & II

Part Number      Description      
57-2453 Motor Theta-axis
57-2454 Motor Z-axis
73629-02 Timing Belt Rotate
15-2666 Timing Belt E/R
15-2665 Timing Belt
95-3629 Motor E/R
94-1127 Motor Z-axis
94-1128 Motor Theta-axis
15132-01 Z-Bot II+
15132-01-R Z-Bot II Refurbishment