VHP Spares

Listed below are just a small selection of the parts we are able to offer for the VHP series tools.

If you do not see the particular part that you require, or if you require further information please contact us at gasonics.spares@eupt.co.uk

Part Number      Description      
04-0032 Heater Plug
04-0030 Heater Main
93-0086 Shell Fill Valve
93-0087 Shell Vent Valve
49-0005 DI Pump
06-0108 End Cap Quartz
06-0109 Tube, Process Quartz
06-2606 Boat 81 Wafer 8″ Quartz
06-0111 Boat 61 Wafer 8″ Quartz
21-2381 Cylinder, Pneumatic
21-0026 Shock Absorber
68-0006 Display Module